Folding boat: parcel version

Here is the updated version of our folding boat. We were working hard over the last year
to achieve specific improvements to the previous folding boat prototype:

- Assembly has been simplified – now it takes less time and effort to assemble.
- The number of components has been significantly reduced.
- The performance and comfort of the folding boat has improved.
- Accessories have been redesigned
- Our goal of transporting the boat in the boot/trunk of a car has been achieved.

The folding boat is a seamless folding, leisure boat made from a standard sheet of plastic, which can be assembled in less that five minutes. The boat was developed after a paper-folding workshop in which systems of creating various forms out of a single piece of material were introduced. The main advantages of the product are transportation, storage and assembly. Ideal for one or two people, the folding boat can be used in the urban environment (canals, ponds and lakes). Suitable for fisherman and campers; it also has the potential to be dispatched during disaster relief scenarios such as floods. The folding boat includes two cushions and two oars.

This project is a collaboration with Arno Mathies

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